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Internet and network marketing

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What is the relation between the internet and network marketing?

In the past, network marketing was based on one to one presentation and home parties.

Now, you can make the internet your warm market.

Internet will allow you to generate leads either for free or for low cost if you know what are you doing.

There are multiple ways to use the internet.

Some people has taken the concept to the extreme, and they want to hide behind their computers and expect to build an organisation that leads to financial freedom. Those techniques do not work in network marketing, because it is a relationship business.

The internet should be used to generate leads, then you should start building a relationship with them online, and then get them off cyberspace to the real word as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many network marketing companies still opearte in the stone age, and they have no idea how to use the internet effectively and they allow their distributors to suffer and fail miserably.

I will be talking about the different ways to generate leads through the internt.

To your network marketing success.

Nabil Khoury, MD
Mentor With a servant’s heart
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Network Marketing Success with lead generation

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by Nabil Khoury

Network Marketing Success depends on starting with effective, free or cheap lead generation techniques offline and online.

Surprisingly, lead generation techniques are completely ignored by the training of most network marketing companies. Most network marketers are left to struggle and learn from their own mistakes…

Network marketers should be able to generate leads locally or through the internet, and to prospect rejection free.

How can you generate leads locally?

  1. Classic Big Al strategy: When you are talking to people on a daily basis, you need to listen to their complaints, and when you hear them complaining, you ask: “Would you like to do something about it?”
  2. Another Big Al strategy: If you are around people, and you want to prospect, simply induce negativity by asking questions such as “What are your two major health challenges?” or “What are your two major financial concerns”, then you ask: “ Would you like to do something about it”.
  3. Business cards: Not the way you do it! Most of beginner network marketers, buy those expensive business cards with their company logo on and start to distribute them. Even though psychologically they are happy and they feel that they are in business. Those are completely useless and waste of money. Your business card is going to end up in the garbage soon! Your business card should have a message that triggers curiosity and leads to action such as driving the person to call you or lead them to a lead capture page. Big Al favorite trick is a simple massage: Call xxx-xxx-xxxx and request your free copy of the best seller book “How to get rich without winning the lottery”. Another business cards that can become ‘viral’ and will not be thrown away as fast is ‘the fake million’ with your message on it.
  4. Collect business cards: many of the major trainers in the industry, recommend getting other people business cards, call them and “prospect through”.
  5. Drop cards: Growth Pro system is based on this technique, you drop some yellow or green card that has a message that drives people to listen to a sizzle call. I have heard different successes about the efficacy of this technique. Other people use fake ‘hundred dollars’ with curiosity message that leads to calling. The call back phone number should always be a Voice mail.
  6. Car signs: Are you driving through superstars every day? Car signs can be effective, one time cheap investment. The sign also should trigger curiosity and commends action. It should never be the name of your company.
  7. T-shirts: The message should trigger curiosity and commands action.
  8. Hand bands: I see so many people wearing hand bands and they have lost most of their efficacy, but they are very cheap and it is always worse using.
  9. Buttons: are under used. Herbalife built an empire from using buttons: ”I lost weight, ask me how”. What button are you wearing? The same principle apply here, do not use some dumb button with your company name on it, use one that commands attention and curiosity.
  10. Door hangers: USe them to get customers. Door hangers success depend on the neighborhood. In order to succeed with door hangers, it has to include an offer with a deadline to create the urgency.

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Network Marketing Success Secret: Learn your colors

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For your network marketing success, you need to understand some basics about human beings. Remember network marketing is not a sales business, it is a relationship business. Unfortunately, most network marketing companies training fail to teach those basics, and they leave their distributors struggling.

First, you must understand yourself, and your patterns of thinking.
Second, for network marketing prospecting success, especially long distance, you must be able to spot your prospect pattern of thinking and find his ‘hot buttons’.
Third, you must understand that your prospects patterns of thinking may be completely different than yours.

Your network marketing success depends on understanding the four major personality types. You need to speak your prospect language and not yours. You can discover your prospect personality by listening and asking the right questions.

What turns you on may be turning your prospect off! Stop doing that…

For example, let’s talk about the ‘blues’

They make 15% of the population, they are the open and direct.
They talk too much, they volunteer more information than what you ask for.
They like to have fun, they see the big picture, and they don’t like details and numbers.
They have difficulty focusing on one task, you may think they have ADHD.
There are more ‘blues’ in network marketing than any other personalities.

If you are a ‘blue’, you need to learn to shut your mouth, stop interrupting your prospect, you must learn to listen, and you must learn to focus on your tasks.

When you sponsor a ‘blue’, you need to teach him how to listen and how to focus in order to succeed in network marketing.

When you prospect a ‘blue’, let him talk, tell him about the trip you won and the fun you had with your network marketing team. Do not give him details.
Make sure you follow-up closely with him. Send him short and sweet E-mails.
If you dare to send him long detailed E-mails or a boring long detailed presentation, he will block your E-mail, he will make sure he screens his phone calls. You worked hard in generating a lead and you blew it.

Try sending me a long E-mail, and your E-mails are in my junk file next time. Oops, you know what color I am.

If this scenario seems familiar to you, now you know why. Join us to learn how to spot your prospect personality in two minutes with the best network marketing success training.

To your Success,

Nabil Khoury, MD
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Network Marketing Success

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Network marketing success starts with picking the right company.

What are the problems with network marketing companies?

1-Short lived companies:

Many naive network marketers jump into a start up company, and they believe if they jump early they are going to be on the top. Most of those start up companies disappear before their 5th year anniversary. Years of network Marketing efforts disappear with the wind…
Rule #1: Never join any pre-launch and start up companies.

2-Lack of integrity in the leadership:

Most of those leaders who lack any type of integrity, they focus in their presentations about their high integrity levels! You need to investigate those ‘leaders’. The underlying intentions of those leaders are usually obvious in the company policies and procedures. Make sure you read them and analyze them very well. Remember Jim Rhon: ‘Don’t sign up too quickly”. Usually those type of leaders has poisoned the policies and procedures so they stop paying you as soon as you stop working, or they eliminate you when your check grows… Rod Cook the owner of the MLM watch dog recommends not to join any company that has policies and procedures longer than 30 pages.
Rule#2: Check those people integrity, Read and Analyze your policies and procedures very well.

3-Lack of experience in the leadership:

One of the problems in lack of experience leads to short live of these companies, leads eventually to failure in training distributors to their success. The question that you need to ask: Did those leaders were distributors in the past? Do they understand compensation plans.
Rule#3: Ask the company leaders which network marketing company they built themselves, how big they build it. If they never built one, how do you expect them to lead you to success in Network Marketing. Would you go to a marriage counselor who has never been married himself ?

4-Lack of commitment in the leadership:

Those are usually leaders coming from 500 fortune companies. They are looking to use the distributors to leverage themselves. Those companies usually transform themselves to direct marketing and they eliminate their distributors as soon as they get their customer base. Those leaders are experts in downsizing…

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